This is what we think about sex and relationships

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There is no better teacher than university

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Employment or freelancing?

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Get your Dream Career

By: Daisy Okoti At a time when jobs are scarce and the only gospel that graduates hear is that they should take whatever jobs are available or starve; do young … “…READ MORE”

Do you like Banks Interest Loan in Kenya?

  • Yes 8%
  • No 9%


Open your eyes, opportunity is all around you

BY DAISY OKOTI Located in Mathare slums in Nairobi is Ghetto Foundation where, on any given day, you will find a group of youth working on eco-friendly packaging bags and … “…READ MORE”

Dr Wandia Njoya

BY DAISY OKOTI Besides being passionate about her job, Wandia is also very vocal on social and mainstream media on issues that touch on gender, culture, as well as politics. … “…READ MORE”

Nurse who dreams of a cure for cancer

BY CARO ROLANDO Nursing is often mistakenly perceived as a uniform profession – one that consists of general patient care and assistance. But there’s a lot more nuance to this … “…READ MORE”

Naomi Barasa

Naomi Barasa is the Campaign Coordinator for Amnesty International, Kenya. How did you become campaign coordinator for Amnesty International? I was 18 when I joined the mainstream human rights field. … “…READ MORE”

Friendship or politics?

Q. A colleague recently expressed discomfort about comments I made regarding the political climate in the country, saying that those are the kind of comments that undermine the friendship. He … “…READ MORE”

Some HR managers play office politics for own gain

Q. I sat for an interview in a state corporation and later got reliable informal feedback that I came first. Unfortunately,  the tribal balance came into play and so the … “…READ MORE”